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Genelec™ Active Speaker Systems
For 30 years Genelec has been setting the standard for accurate sound reproduction in recording studios and broadcast facilities around the world. Genelec pioneered the active loudspeaker concept in which integrated power amplifiers and active crossover circuitry are used to create sound that is accurate, powerful and low in distortion. In every Genelec system, each driver has its own matched power amplifier and precision crossover.
Genelec has models for every sized listening environment. All encompass the same positive attributes: neutrality of the sound, accuracy of the soundstage and unsurpassed reliability.


Just Add Power™HD video matrix distribution solution for HDMI that can easily be "right-sized" to match any whole house requirements (practically any number of HDMI sources distributed to up to 200 displays).  The HDMI over IP Transmitter/Receiver solution is skew free, and can support sending 1080p content up to 330' on a single CAT5, and much farther (1,000') when using cascaded Ethernet LAN switches to distribute the signal.  Key benefits include scalability, flexibility, and affordability when compared to other HDMI matrix solutions.  And since the Just Add Power solution requires only a single run of Cat5/6/7 it is perfectly suited to today’s retrofit market.


Seymour-Screen Excellence™  Acoustically Transparent (A.T.) woven projection screens provide a truly immersive cinematic experience by allowing optimization of both the image and acoustics.  When identical loudspeakers are placed behind the screen, as the director intended, the acoustical image is anchored to the video image.  In addition to the improved acoustical performance the screen size can now be optimized since the area normally reserved for the left and right speakers can be used for a larger screen.  With ISF certification to beyond 4K resolution with fixed, motorized, and masking system options Seymour-Screen Excellence has an A.T. screen to fit any theater.  Seymour-Screen Excellence's lineup now includes the new Ambient Visonaire™ screens for high ambient light environments.


Stealth Acoustics™ - Totally invisible in-wall speaker system! With Stealth Acoustics products you can have dynamic full range audio placed where it needs to be without regard to the architectural conflicts that occur with conventional speaker grills or cabinets. Experience the freedom of invisibility today!  To compliment the pleasing esthetics of an invisible speaker system the Stealth CoverArt™ system was developed as an affordable and easy-to-install display cover solution that blends nearly any flat screen display into the décor of home or office by automatically converting it into a beautifully framed photograph or work of art.


Terra Speakers - James Banfield, president and co-founder, explains the inspiration for the Terra AC Series: "If you want an outdoor loudspeaker that really lasts, you should also want it to sound really good. Similarly, if you want an outdoor loudspeaker that really sounds good, you should also want it to really last."   Designed, built, and tested in the harsh Maine climate Terra brings unsurpassed durability, style, and sound quality to any enviroment.  Recently introduced the Terra LS.32 light bollard combines the performance and durability Terra is known for with efficient low voltage LED lighting to create an elegant solution where both sound and lighting is desired.

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